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Dear Jon:
On behalf of the wardens and vestry, I would like to thank you for aii the extras you do for us here at St. James. Naturally we appreciate your reliability and the care you give all our properties, but the service you provide goes well beyond that of a business contract.

The edging and plantings that your staff did for us at the Harvey St. property really spruced the place up and certainly made the house more saleable. The beautiful surprises that you plant around the church are enjoyed by everyone from parishioners to visitors. The Easter pansies brought a wonderful feeling of spring to us all. How little did we dream what that Monday would bring! Now you have given us the gift of autumn's beautiful colors in the form of mums. With a little bit of kindness from Mother Nature we might be able to enjoy them through Thanksgiving.

We are publicizing your gifts to us in our Sunday bulletin and in our monthly parish news letter. Everyone enjoys the plantings, but not everyone realizes that they aren't part of a service contract. You care for St. James' properties as if they were your own and we want everyone to fully appreciate this. Thank you so very much for all that you do for us!
Cliff Wells
Junior Warden


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